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  • "Daycare 4 Dogs has become an essential part of having a happy dog. Molly's wagging tail as she arrives to play shows there is nowhere she would rather be." - Emma Burrows
  • "I wanted the best care for my best friend and Daycare 4 Dogs ticks all the boxes; professional, safe and fun." - Christina Savage
  • "Emma and her team do an incredible job and whenever we need help with our Tigga, we can always count on Daycare 4 Dogs." - Paula Hesketh
  • "Because all dogs go through a thorough application process, we know that our Beagles are safe at Daycare 4 Dogs." - Khera & Sean
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***The wait is over. We finally did it. We are expanding – getting bigger and better !!!!***

After a year of negotiating and dreaming we are proud to reveal that we are moving to a brand spanking new unit only round the corner from where we are but 4 times the size.

It will have everything and more. We have surveyed the dogs and put ourselves in their paws to determine exactly what they would want from their perfect daycare.

We were the first daycare back in 2007. We created and have broken the mould throughout the journey. We have been constantly innovating and smashing through barriers. We were the first to open a bark park and have always been coming up with new ideas so that the dogs have the most amazing days while with us.

We even did what they said we couldn’t and set up a group rescue based on the daycare concept bringing doggies from all over the world and rehoming them here thanks to the funding provided by our successes and so our adventure continues ...

Stay tuned as we reveal all in the coming days.


Welcome to Daycare 4 Dogs

Do you ever feel guilty about leaving your dog at home alone?

Now you don't have to. Most dogs were bred for a specific job but today, they're found all too frequently lounging about the house with nothing to do. Boredom and excess energy are the two most common causes of behavioural problems in dogs. These former stars of the outdoors have turned into couch potatoes and the energy designed to protect, hunt or herd is now directed at the sofa, curtains or the shoe rack.

The future of pet care

We believe daycare is the future of pet care in the UK and are proud to pioneer a new approach for dog owners in the North West. Daycare 4 Dogs provides a safe and fun environment for your dog to play, socialise, exercise and nap with other friendly dogs while you are not at home - helping to prevent destructive and anxious behaviour.

Exercise and social interaction are essential to a dog's well-being and in our spacious, custom designed facility there is endless fun to be had. But dog play is more than just fun! Our play group promotes healthy canine manners that are often dormant if your dog is left alone at home.

Whether it's for a few hours or the entire working day, never again will you have to leave your dog home alone. Instead we will entertain and fuss over them until you are ready to collect a tired, happy dog that can't wait for his or her next visit to Daycare 4 Dogs.