The UK's #1 dog créche
Mon to Fri 8am - 6pm
  • "Daycare 4 Dogs has become an essential part of having a happy dog. Molly's wagging tail as she arrives to play shows there is nowhere she would rather be." - Emma Burrows
  • "I wanted the best care for my best friend and Daycare 4 Dogs ticks all the boxes; professional, safe and fun." - Christina Savage
  • "Emma and her team do an incredible job and whenever we need help with our Tigga, we can always count on Daycare 4 Dogs." - Paula Hesketh
  • "Because all dogs go through a thorough application process, we know that our Beagles are safe at Daycare 4 Dogs." - Khera & Sean
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Daycare 4 Dogs is located at a bespoke 5000 sq ft facility designed for interaction, safety and fun with special sections for all types of dogs and different types of play.

Our dog friendly surfaces are a key feature of the design; providing safe grip for hours of fun. The special shock absorbing surface makes the dogs feel more secure in their footing.

Beds are provided for those in need of a quick shut eye before the fun continues, and nap times are scheduled for mid morning and mid afternoon.

The lounge is equipped with couches, beds and a television for maximum comfort and relaxation. Our older dogs are particularly fond of this area and treat it as a home away from home where they enjoy cuddles and massages from our staff.

During winter the entire facility is heated to provide a cozy and comfortable enviroment - especially for puppies and older dogs. During hot summer days our cooling system keeps our dogs nice and chilled.

Each section is cleaned several times per day.