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  • "Daycare 4 Dogs has become an essential part of having a happy dog. Molly's wagging tail as she arrives to play shows there is nowhere she would rather be." - Emma Burrows
  • "I wanted the best care for my best friend and Daycare 4 Dogs ticks all the boxes; professional, safe and fun." - Christina Savage
  • "Emma and her team do an incredible job and whenever we need help with our Tigga, we can always count on Daycare 4 Dogs." - Paula Hesketh
  • "Because all dogs go through a thorough application process, we know that our Beagles are safe at Daycare 4 Dogs." - Khera & Sean
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We are confident that Daycare 4 Dogs provides an outstanding level of service and care, but don't just take our word for it...

Missy & Billy

We found Daycare 4 Dogs at a time when we were really struggling to meet the needs of our two Beagles, Missy and Billy. The daily grind of timing our lunch breaks and meetings around getting home was becoming very stressful.

Now we can't imagine a life without Emma and her fantastic team. Our Beagles come home happy, exercised and exhausted; no mean feat as those who are familiar with the breed will know. As soon as we say "shall we go and see Emma" they are straight down the stairs – waiting impatiently for us to put on their special quick-release collars which means it's a school day.

The Daycare 4 Dogs team deserves the highest praise.  Every day we get a full run-down of what the ‘kids’ have been up to as well as a heads-up regarding any bad behaviour or potential health problems. Knowing that they are constantly monitored is very reassuring. The transport service has also gotten us out of some difficult situations.

Because all dogs go through a thorough application process and are required to maintain good behaviour, we know that our Beagles are safe and spend the day with other happy, healthy dogs. Likewise, any behaviour training we are doing at home is followed up at Daycare 4 Dogs. With one overly confident dog and another very anxious one, this is essential to help us change and improve unwanted behaviour.

We would recommend Daycare 4 Dogs to all dog owners; in fact we can’t stop talking about it. A big thank you from us!


- Khera & Sean Elliott (Mum & Dad to Billy & Missy Elliott A.K.A 'The Beagle Babies')



Our 2-year old Lurcher who we recently rescued from the brink of starvation suffers from separation anxiety and we feared that we might have to give him up. After scouring the internet for an answer we found it in Daycare 4 Dogs.

Emma welcomed our new family member with open arms and immediately renewed our commitment to keep him. Everyone in the team is aware of his particular needs and work with us to turn bad behaviour into good.

There is still work to be done but after a day in daycare he is just like any other dog; happy, content and ready for bed.

- Christina Savage  (Mum to Smaske 'Everyone's Best Friend' Savage)



Due to a change in my life, I needed somewhere for my dog to go everyday when I was at work. After trawling the internet I found Daycare 4 Dogs and I immediately knew it was the right place for my Tigga. Emma was so understanding and helpful in explaining what we had to do to enrol - it was a huge relief.

After our consultation she knew exactly what Tigga needed and it was obvious from the start that she loved all the dogs in her care. Now he sits by the door every morning; ready to spend the day with his friends.

Tigga now goes to Daycare 4 Dogs from Monday to Friday and he loves every minute – he’d live there if I let him. Not only does he get all the exercise and socialisation a dog needs but the staff make a real effort to teach him good manners and constantly encourage positive behaviour. Emma and her team treat all the dogs as if they were their own and still maintain the role of pack leaders which is so important to ensure the safety of the dogs.

At Daycare 4 Dogs nothing is too much trouble and when a family emergency meant Tigga needed extra care, Emma came to the rescue.

The Facebook page is amazing for keeping up to date with what the dogs have been up to at daycare.

- Paula Hesketh (Mum to Tigga 'The Entertainer' Hesketh)



After nearly four years at daycare, Molly wouldn't have it any other way. It provides peace of mind while we are at work and in emergencies when it can be extremely difficult to have Molly looked after, Emma's support was simply irreplaceable.

When I had to go to hospital, Emma and the team made an already difficult situation much easier. They simply collected Molly in the morning and dropped her off in the evening. Early starts and late days at work are no longer a problem: No fuss, no problems - we are simply welcomed home by a happy, healthy and very tired dog.

We have come to regard Daycare 4 Dogs as an essential element of our lives and I could not think of a better place for Molly. For complete peace of mind, knowing your dog is well cared for all day, this is the place. The waggy tails and smiles on all the dogs as they run in to play speaks louder than words: There is simply nowhere else they would rather be.

- Emma Burrows (Mum to Molly 'The Dutchess' Burrows)



Thank you and your team for looking after Maggie.

We know that she loves coming to play with all her new friends as she drags us from the car to the front door! She really has grown in confidence too.

We think it's great that you add video clips and photos onto the facebook site so we can see just how much fun she and all the other dogs are having. Indeed we send all our friends to the group to have a look.


- Dina Zaman (Mum to Maggie 'Catch Me if You Can' Zaman)





We found Daycare 4 Dogs when we were looking for somewhere to ensure Oscar (my ‘furry baby’) was properly socialised.  We initially only intended for him to go for a few months but after seeing how happy he was when he got home and the excited tail wagging by the door every Wednesday morning we knew we had to keep sending him.

Emma and the team do a brilliant job and they are so flexible. They helped us out a lot when our baby girl decided to come 6 weeks early. We were worried that Oscar would be stuck at home alone while we had an extended stay in hospital but Daycare 4 Dogs looked after him for us every day at very short notice and it was a huge weight of our minds. They have also been great at helping make sure his confidence hasn’t been knocked too much while we all get used to the big change to family life a new baby brings.

Staff at Daycare 4 Dogs keep us informed of any changes in his behaviour and work closely with him if he needs a bit of extra encouragement.

The only bad thing about Daycare is that he snores VERY loudly when he comes home!

-  Yvonne Sharples (Mum to Oscar 'Our Smiler' Sharples)



I have been bringing my basset hound pup, Nell, to daycare at least twice a week for the last 4 months. We received a friendly welcome and Nell was introduced to a great big happy fam
ily of dogs who have learned how to play and socialise in a healthy way. Thanks to the structured play and training sessions at the creche, Nell's behaviour is impeccable when she meets children and other dogs on family visits and walks. She comes home tired and happy, and sleeps contentedly after a day at the creche - it's what every dog lover wishes for their friends and companions. Now they are starting to offer grooming and individualised training for our dogs, which I know Nell will love just as much as playtime with her doggie friends. Thanks to Emma and the team, who all show how much they care about our dogs. 
Carol Morton (Mum to Nell 'Little Miss Sunshine' Morton)