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Mon to Fri 8am - 6pm
  • "Daycare 4 Dogs has become an essential part of having a happy dog. Molly's wagging tail as she arrives to play shows there is nowhere she would rather be." - Emma Burrows
  • "I wanted the best care for my best friend and Daycare 4 Dogs ticks all the boxes; professional, safe and fun." - Christina Savage
  • "Emma and her team do an incredible job and whenever we need help with our Tigga, we can always count on Daycare 4 Dogs." - Paula Hesketh
  • "Because all dogs go through a thorough application process, we know that our Beagles are safe at Daycare 4 Dogs." - Khera & Sean
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Welcoming a new dog into the pack is exciting for the other dogs and our staff who take extra care of new arrivals and ensure they receive lots of attention. In most dogs the enthusiasm to join the group is instant and they quickly become as excited about coming to daycare as they are to see you when you pick them up at night.

Keep your dog on a lead when entering daycare and make sure they are wearing a quick release collar for safety reasons. If you haven’t got one, you will be able to purchase one from most pet stores.

New dogs are introduced to a small group in a dedicated area of the facility. Each dog is different and we welcome them into the pack in a manner that appeals to their individual needs, temperament and personality. Timid dogs are given plenty of time to adjust at their own pace and even dogs that arrive with few social skills quickly make new friends.

Dogs that are used to spending a lot of time alone will thoroughly enjoy this new social interaction and after a full day at Daycare 4 Dogs, all dogs are ready for a relaxing evening.