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  • "Daycare 4 Dogs has become an essential part of having a happy dog. Molly's wagging tail as she arrives to play shows there is nowhere she would rather be." - Emma Burrows
  • "I wanted the best care for my best friend and Daycare 4 Dogs ticks all the boxes; professional, safe and fun." - Christina Savage
  • "Emma and her team do an incredible job and whenever we need help with our Tigga, we can always count on Daycare 4 Dogs." - Paula Hesketh
  • "Because all dogs go through a thorough application process, we know that our Beagles are safe at Daycare 4 Dogs." - Khera & Sean
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Daycare 4 Dogs is a relatively new concept in the UK so we have tried to answer any commonly asked questions and address any potential concerns you might have before enrolling your dog.

Q How do I prepare my dog for daycare?

We recommend that you feed your dog 2 hours before they arrive at Daycare 4 Dogs – allowing them time to digest their food before all the excitement to reduce the risk of bloat. Take them for a short morning walk to make sure they have an empty bladder and bowels to prevent small ‘accidents’ during the initial minutes of excitement.

Q Are all the dogs kept together?

Sometimes but we regularly separate dogs by play style. We have many areas for different activities and for dogs with different energy levels; each dog’s day is tailored to their likes and energy.

Q Are the dogs left alone when playing?

No, we never leave any dogs unsupervised. Our professional carers constantly interact and monitor the dogs as well as keeping the facility clean and dry. 

Q What if my dog fails the interview?

To maintain a positive and safe environment we cannot accommodate dogs that are generally aggressive towards other dogs or humans, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about them. This unique environment is simply not appropriate for all and instead we can recommend daily dog walking and pet sitting (see Daycare 4 Dogs recommends LINK).

Q What happens if my dog is a little shy?

Don’t worry; all our first timers go through an orientation process where they meet all the dogs in smaller groups. To introduce them gently we sometimes suggest trying a half-day or just take it an hour at a time. It all depends upon the individual and we have many success stories where shy dogs found their confidence at daycare.

Q Are there any risks?

There are inherent risks associated with free dog play so all our carers are trained to handle any conflicts immediately and professionally. We have had the occasional scratch which occurs naturally during play, but we employ a thorough vetting procedure and implement strict rules for play and interaction, excluding any dogs we cannot control and who show signs of potential trouble. Of course the dogs can be boisterous from time to time. Don’t worry! Occasional growling and posturing is natural behaviour in a pack of dogs. 

Q Are the dogs fed?

Few dogs eat lunch but if yours does, just bring it with you and we will make sure to feed them during the day. Fresh water is available to all dogs at all times and the bowls are cleaned several times a day.

Q Should I bring toys?

There is no need. At Daycare 4 Dogs we have toys of all shapes and sizes for everyone which encourages the dogs to share.

Q What if my dog is injured or becomes unwell?

We employ the highest Health & Safety standards but should your dog become unwell or sustain an injury at daycare you will be notified immediately. In an emergency we will take your dog to your own vet but all medical costs must be assumed by the owner.